Dutch Course Eindhoven

Intensive Dutch Course Eindhoven

A1 level
- Beginners
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Intensive Dutch Course Eindhoven

A2 level
- Semi-Intermediate
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Intensive Dutch Course Eindhoven

B1 level
- Intermediate
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Dutch Course Eindhoven🥇

The Netherlands has a city named Eindhoven which is famous for its culture, technology and design centre. Eindhoven attracts many tourists who tend to visit this beautiful city and learn about its culture, technology reforms. This city is also famous for its brilliant and problem-solving programmers, entrepreneur and engineers. Many families and bachelor who are willing to make their career are invited to this city to come and explore new ways to your career. Eindhoven is a friendly city and it welcomes all the people from all over the world. Dutch Course Eindhoven helps you to learn the Dutch language and adjust in this city’s culture. The Eindhoven’s local language is Dutch although many people speak English also. But you tend to stay longer in this city then it is important to learn the Dutch language. Don’t be worry, just get enrolled in Dutch Course Eindhoven.

You have to pass Civil Integration Exam if you are planning for permanent residence in this city. First, you will learn a minimum A2 level to pass this exam and once this exam is passed them you apply for the permanent residentship. If you want permanent residents don’t be late register to the course and learn the Dutch language and get your permanent residentship faster. You are much closer to be successful in Eindhoven with the Dutch Course Eindhoven.

Importance of Dutch language🥇

The Netherlands is listed in the top 20 tourist destinations to visit. The country always attracts tourists who visit this country and spend their valuable time in this country. Mostly all locals of Eindhoven speak English fluently but if you are planning to stay in Eindhoven then you will realize the importance of learning the Dutch language. Dutch Course Eindhoven is the best school for teaching the Dutch language.
You have to learn Dutch not only for adjusting in their culture, but also for learning their law order, news, and history. It can help you to communicate with the higher authorities or police and give you a brighter chance to get hired in the Dutch local and international companies.
If you are planning to move to Eindhoven as a student or as a full-time worker or you are already living there to achieve your goals, then you have to register in the Dutch Course Eindhoven for your personal and professional life. Just enrol in our Dutch classes and starts attending it.
There are many points that show you the importance of learning Dutch learning. Some of them are as follows:

If you want to be successful in life in Eindhoven you will need the Dutch language.  You will be able to communicate and build your local professional network in Eindhoven.

If you start the course early and you learn how to speak Dutch fluently then it will be easier for you to communicate with your colleagues. You will be able to share your daily feelings and emotions with your colleagues.

The purpose of learning the Dutch language is not only for finding a job or to study at the local university but it will also help you to communicate with the residents and authorities of Eindhoven. Some of the people living in Eindhoven don’t know how to speaks English and if you want to be in touch with them you will have to learn the Dutch language.

You have to achieve the A2 Dutch level before appearing in the Civic Integration ExamThe A2 dutch level is for basic users in which you learn how to speak and write Dutch fluently. Once you pass this exam then you can apply for the Dutch permanent residence of the Netherlands.

For your better relation with your company or with your colleagues, you have to learn the Dutch language for better progress in the company and find news ways for better job opportunities.

It is true that studies make your mind work faster, the processing speed of your brain gets better and you can easily solve complex problems. Similarly, learning new languages also follows the same function and your brain easily memorizes it and your memory power gets better.
Learning Dutch is very important if you stay in the country. Not only learning Dutch makes you feel unsegregated but also helps you to wider your friend circle and making friends. This makes you stay in Eindhoven longer. Learning Dutch is also important because the majority of the population speaks the Dutch language and communicates with each other in their local language although it is true that people speak English. It is necessary to learn Dutch. Once you arrive in Eindhoven you will realize after a couple of weeks that without speaking Dutch you will lose so many opportunities. Once you learn the local language you can easily make new friends communicate with the authorities, you get new ways to find better job opportunities in Eindhoven.

Why choose Dutch Course Eindhoven?🥇

We have experience in teaching Dutch classes for many years. A lot of students had successfully passed our Dutch courses and now they are working in many well-reputed companies. As you arrived in Eindhoven, the only requirement to enroll in the Dutch course Eindhoven is the knowledge of the English language and you know how to speak English. The first course will be given in the English language.
Many of the new students who arrived in Eindhoven choose the Dutch course Eindhoven to learn Dutch because it has well-experienced teachers who are teaching in the very effective way. We have designed our own teaching method which helps our students to pick our the Dutch language faster and start fluently speak the Dutch language.
We also gave you the classes to prepare you for the Civic Integration Exam. You need to achieve at least A2 Dutch level to clear the exam. We focus on grammar and speaking in our classes.

There are many reasons that people prefer to enrol in our Dutch classed which are as follows:

The easiest way to choose the best language school is to choose their teaching method. We have a unique and different teaching method, which ensures you speak Dutch in every lesson.

Eindhoven is famous for its culture and technology research. Students from all over the world want to live in Eindhoven and settle in the Netherlands. Our Dutch language school welcomes all the students from all over the world to come and join our school to learn Dutch. Our unique teaching style makes our school more interesting and functional.

The Internet helps the student with their studies and preparation. We know how important is the internet for students so we provide free wifi in our classes.

Our teachers are young and they have good communication skills and a good style through which they can easily speak with students. They help them to solve their learning problems in class and out of class hours also.

We provide our own dutch books for dutch courses. Books are very important for every course as they contain information about that course. We have designed our own books which help our students to learn dutch faster.

What is the atmosphere of Dutch Class at our Dutch school?

We believed that if you enjoy the lecture and have fun in the lecture, then it is much more simple for you to learn the lecture. Our unique and interesting teaching techniques make to teach you through engaging and fun activities, through this you have the self-confidence to learn and speak Dutch without any fear.

If you do not have any knowledge of the Dutch language or you don’t understand Dutch then we will send you to our first course named A1 level. The basic English language is compulsory for all the students because our first course taught in English for better communication and easy to understand for all the students. Once you have passed this level then all the other courses will be taught in Dutch.

It sounds very hard to learn Dutch, but you do not have to feel any stress. Our teachers are well educated and they know how to teach and communicate with the students. If you are facing any issues during the classes then our teacher will help you. You learn the Dutch language with our method much faster and speak fluently. The more you speak the Dutch language the faster you will learn this language.

We have started our teaching method in 2013. We have learned a lot of our students and made ourselves better for the teaching purpose. We use our own Dutch books which are only used at our language school.

Grammar, writing and speaking skills are the main things we are focused on in our classes. We also gave you the homework which is necessary for your learning.

Dutch Course Levels🥇

We care a lot for our students. We have designed multiple techniques that help our students to learn Dutch fast. We know this thing that everyone can not go to school to learn Dutch so we set up our online courses as well. We taught our students online through Skype lessons so they can learn the speaking of dutch. We also understand some students are shy and they are not comfortable with other students or they have any problem, for those students we designed our Private Dutch Course Eindhoven. In private lessons, our teacher communicates with that student only and through this, they can learn Dutch faster.

Learning is always an important part of your life and the learning process never ends. Learning Dutch with other people is always an amazing experience in which you make new friends possibly workmates also. The learning process always makes you a better person and you learn from other’s mistakes and you also have a chance to learn their interesting culture as well.

Our teaching process includes some four different Dutch levels which are based on your performance.

A1 level
We focused on your writing and speaking in our level A1. Our main goal is to build the basic structure of your Dutch language.

A2 level
The A2 level is divided into two steps. We prepare you for a job interview in Dutch. We will also prepare you for the Civic Integration Exam.

B1 level
After this level B1 you will be able to understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. You will be able to deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the Dutch language is spoken.

Dutch Course Eindhoven is the best school if you are willing to learn Dutch. Eindhoven is famous for its culture and technology reforms. Many programmers and computer scientists are planning to shift to Eindhoven because of their human-friendly policies. Our Dutch school builds your confidence for speaking Dutch in public and communicate with Dutch people.

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